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  • Nanotechnology Class of 2012
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Nanoscience B.Sc. Program

A dramatic transformation in science and technology is coming. The next fifty years will see new inventions, novel products, stunning medical advances, remarkable energy solutions, and creative answers to controlling and understanding biological processes - and nanoscience is making them all possible.

The Guelph Factor

The University of Guelph strongly believes in the personal approach to education. Professors teaching Nanoscience are always eager to help you become an independent learner, one step at a time.

Research-based Curriculum

Our wide ranging research forms the basis of the nanoscience curriculum which is constantly being updated to reflect advances in the field.

Small classes

These provide a unique learning experience, enhanced by pioneering web-based teaching and evaluation.


Applying to the Nanoscience B.Sc. Program

Students and Nanoscience

Nanoscience Background Information

Co-op option for B.Sc. Nanoscience available

Study nanoscience while gaining valuable job experience in jobs like:

  • Microbial & Enzymatic Technician
  • Junior Nanotechnology Evaluator
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Junior Materials Specialist

Nano@Guelph 2009

Nano@Guelph 2009 was from October 20 to 23, 2009 during National Science & Technology Week. Attendees learned why nanoscience is not so much a new discipline but rather a view of the natural sciences at a new size scale.

Nano in the News

(CNN) -- Concrete isn't usually considered an environmentalists' friend, but a remarkable new technology could soon be turning the gray stuff green.

Nano Day at the Museum

Presented by: University of Guelph, University of Waterloo and The Waterloo Regional Children’s Museum

Funky Ferrofluids on YouTube

Watch as a ferrofluid dances in the fields of an electromagnet.

Nanoscience Club

The club, made up of all first year students put together posters, and other display materials to show the public what nanoscience is about. There was also interactive activities and demonstrations. The Nanoscience Club received second place for exhibits within the College of Physical and Engineering Science.

Contact Info

Phone: 519-824-4120 x53049
Fax: 519-823-2808

Teacher Resources

A growing list of resources to help teach about nanoscience.

Potential Careers

* Nanofluidics Process Manager
* Nanomaterials Designer
* Nanoparticle Process Controller
* Nanolithography Developer
* Nanotechnology Researcher


Core Nanoscience Courses

* An introduction to Nanoscience
* Synthesis of Nanomaterials
* Analysis of Nanomaterials
* Thin Film Science
* Computational Methods
* Nanolithographic Techniques
* Spectroscopy of Nanomaterials
* Intro to Quantum Computing
* Quantum Materials
* Biological Nanomaterials
* Nanoscience Research Project


Schedule of Studies

A list of courses and electives that comprise the Nanoscience B.Sc.



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